Thursday, March 1, 2012

One small finish

Well, it still is the dragon year so this table runner may be a bit tardy but won't look completely out of place. This was a good use for the printed panel and the border makes it big enough to cover a large part of the coffee table. The outer border is what was trimmed from the auction quilt backing.
I was a bit miffed when I went to buy bias for the edge. I took the piece with me to find the best color. The problem is, the fabric store has very poor lighting and no outside windows. I wanted the light blue to match the printed part but when I got home in the natural light, the match was not really as good as I thought. It would be nice if stores that sell fabric has something like an Ott light in a corner of the store where one could take fabric to make matches.
This project has been riding the trains and sitting in meetings for about six weeks. Soon I will begin another panel print runner to donate to my Granddaughter's School fund-raising effort.

The little orchid came down from the third floor to be enjoyed and is now sitting on the hanging tissue box.

Just one tiny flower but considering how cold the greenhouse has been this winter, I would say it is way better than I expected.

Today my quilt group met. I have been working hard on the auction quilt and three of the four rows are quilted. I thought of staying home and working . It was a very cold, rainy, dreary day and in the time it takes to travel there and back, a lot could be accomplished.

My second daughter called in the morning and in, our conversation, urged me to go. I'm glad I did because my very good friend was there. Just seeing her made up for the cold and rain and any time missed on work.

Our hostess for the day brought out this handy little gadget. Well, no moving parts so that might be the wrong term. She had picked it up at the Tokyo Dome show. It seemed like a handy little item and would probably not be difficult to make. The spindle holding the pin cushion is attached with a screw from the bottom.

I could use a handy stand like that but didn't swipe it as she has written her name around the bottom ... plus the date she bought it. It holds six spools of thread but I seldom need so many colors at once. I might add a scissors holder and something to put thread ends in.

And when might I find the time? Don't ask!

Back to the task at hand!!!!


  1. What a beautiful dragon - and I love the Baptist Fan quilting (that is the pattern?). It gives it great movement, almost as if the dragon is making waves. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Your accomplishments are only exceeded by your kind words.

  3. I realy lilke the pale blue highlights the colours within the panel xx Glad the snow has gone... even if it is now wet! Sometimes going out is just what is needed to bring us out of ourselves xx keep safe x

  4. Love that dragon. You chose well in the quilting, as the dragon seems to move. I love Baptist Fans, but, I've never done any, yet.

  5. The orchid is beautiful and I love the flying pig! And your dragon. It is the year of the dragon, I am a dragon in the Chinese horoscope and I plan to fill my life with many dragons this year.

  6. Great to see the completed dragon panel - mine is still hanging on the door of my sewing room nagging me not to forget it but there are a few quilts that need to be finished before I can start it.