Monday, March 26, 2012

Runner is up and running

The rabbit runner took a trip outside to catch a bit of sun on my neighbor's gate. After I remove the dog hairs, it will be ready to hop off to Oregon . I have a wee bit of time and am thinking of making a few mug rugs or a doll quilt to send along. The rabbit in the moon helps to fill the puffy area without distracting too much. I use a light thinsulate batting and even with little quilting, it is unlikely to shift. I also added a sleeve along the top of the backing just in case someone might want to use it as other than a table runner. The dark binding helps keep those yukata fabrics organized a bit better. The work on the batik quilt is moving along slowly. I wish I could say that is because of all my tiny even stitches. All the 8-inch blocks are quilted. It seems that one 16-inch block shouldn't take any longer than four of the smaller ones but those seem to be taking three times longer. The little flowers on the border are more fun and I sometimes take a break and work on one or two of those. Maybe I should be quilting small flowers into the big blocks!

Speaking of flowers, the plum tree is finally in bloom. Only five weeks late!

Perhaps Spring is actually on its way.

And the Sweet Daphne we planter for our #3 daughter, (another February birthday) seems to just have been deferring to the "elder" sister's tree. Standing between these two flowering plants, you can shut your eyes and smell that spring is coming.

This picture really doesn't do any justice to these darling little flowers. I need to go out and get a picture when the sun is in the right place. When my orchid flower finished I took it back to my greenhouse/bedroom and today noticed a few more buds developing. The Bella palm is also full of buds and one Christmas cactus is in bloom.

All the buds I see are like promises just waiting to be fulfilled. May your promises, too, burst in glad and joyous bloom, along tomorrow's way!


  1. Today is beautiful day - the nice quilt, open flowers .. Our life is in colors!

  2. It's lovely to see you rabbit runner completed.
    Enjoy the lovely Spring blooms!

  3. Many beauties on show today!

  4. I can almost smell the flowers... so love this time of year...AND your runner/wall hanging. x

  5. The runner is stunning and it is good to see the spring arriving.The sun in the UK has set many this into flower.We do need rain soon or thing will soon wither.

  6. The quilt came out beautifully and the stitching really gives it nice movement.
    I notice you do not have pins in your quilt, do you use fusible batting or no pins in a hoop?


  7. Julie I love the way the runner finished and especially the bunny in the moon. I know this is going to be a cherished piece. And I'm so glad to see you're finally getting a bit of spring! blessings, marlene

  8. Your rabbit runner looks great! Well done! I love the batik quilt. Of course, batiks are my favorite fabrics.
    The flowers look wonderful especially the plum flowers! So lovely!

  9. Lovely table runner! The quilting give it such movement.

    I applaud you for quilting a batik quilt. That fabric is so hard to hand quilt. Just keep plugging away and before you know it, your quilt will be done.

  10. Hello Julie!!

    It is a pleasure to be here! The rabbit running around the moon is amazing! I could tell a story for a kid just looking at it! The work is marvelous! Daphnes are so gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs - Sandra

  11. The rabbit piece is lovely and I really like the border you have made for it. I'm glad to hear Spring is springing, I'm hoping for those cherry blossoms. Have a great weekend x