Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Follower's block #4

I really have to find a different name for this quilt.  When I thought of the idea, it was more about the friends I have made through my blogging. I really don't care if they are "followers" or not. In the short time I have had my quilt blog, Google has messed with the system too many times and I have struggled to keep in contact each time with those blogs I had been reading regularly. Now it seems they may be getting ready to mess things up again.  Trouble is, the guys doing the messing have much more computer skill than I ever will!

In a way, this brings me to my next block. If you are right handed, you may never realize the challenges a lefty faces in every-day life because the whole world is designed for right handers. It is such a blessing, therefore,  to hear from someone in their "right mind".

I cannot count the times "A Left Handed Quilter" has rushed to my rescue with instructions written in "leftish".
She has really gone out of her way to help me, taking great time and care to give me step-by-step advice.
To celebrate her friendship, I have made a left-spinning friendship star.

I found some indigo-dyed fabric with the same texture as some of the "Japanese taupes" I had collected.
I drafted this four-inch block and it was my first time to try sewing these soft, loosely woven fabrics.
I wish I had had a broader color range to work with but I am not going to run out and buy more fabric.
As I worked on the sewing, I thought, "here she is, getting me to step out of my comfort zone again"!
A-Left-Handed Quilter has even taught me how to add a link. She is my "Guru" and friend and I admire her for more than just computer skills and quilting. She is also a person who dares  to speak up when she sees a wrong. I think of her often when I hear others speaking out and I am too wimpy to say anything, even when I agree.
I know she likes Japanese fabrics and pulled a few that might work for the points of the star.
I'm thinking of using un-bleached muslin for setting the stars because I have a lot of that and I would like to begin adding the points before I mis-place  my picks.

The + and X block quilt is now on the final side. It would probably be ready to bind were I not having so much fun playing with the above idea.


  1. it looks great, the soft colours realy work x ... see computer skills can be learnt at any age or stage of life xx well done for posting the link x

  2. Julie, those fabrics are lovely, softer shades together, and a lovely design that suits them so well. Cheers from Jean

  3. Julie, love those colours together. I can't watit to see what block you make next

  4. Julie, I missed so much when I was away, and have scrolled down, and read about your wonderful friendly ,so very thoughtful idea for "follower's blocks" I just knew I would miss something really important. I am thrilled, and for mine,I love the written word, so anything that represents this, alphabet letters, my first name initials are A.J. ,favourite colours are blue/green/purple shades. Does that help? So glad you sent me an email otherwise I would have seemed very rude not to reply. And yes, I too am waiting for the next block. You are for sure going to have a huge quilt, so cosy for winter. Fond greetings from Jean.

  5. I am sure a 'righty' like me has no idea what it is like to be left-handed in our right-handed world. There was a time I tried to use my chopsticks with the left hand - it was supposed to be good training for the brain. The result was not higher IQ just more soiled table linen!
    You have once again dug out some beautiful pieces of fabric. With this great variety of fabric for each 'follower' I think the unbleached muslin will unite the blocks into a wonderful quilt.

  6. Oh, Julie! I don't know what to say! I LOVE my Left-spinning Friendship Star - the colors and fabrics are PERFECT! THANK YOU for all of your kind words - and most of all - THANK YOU for your friendship!! Being your "Guru" was my pleasure - as they say, that's what friends are for - ;))

  7. You speak so beautifully of your left-handed guru that I adore her already :-) It is wonderful to have such people in our lives, real or virtual. The left spinning star is lovely as are the fabrics surrounding it.

  8. Trying to teach a left hand quilter I finally realize how right hand minded we all are... Even things like how the pins are placed are different aren't they... But no matter which hand, quilters are the best!

  9. I popped over from LHQ's link to see the friendship star---and I think that is the way it SHOULD spin regardless if it left or right. It just looks backwards otherwise. Our guild used a backwards version for its symbol being the Friendship Quilters. Being the rebel I am I almost did it MY way.

    Yours is lovely!