Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blocks all quilted

All the blocks for my quilter's book club quilt are quilted and the labels are on the back of each block with the name of the book, the author, and the block plus any other information.

I finished off a spool of thread.
750 yards 36 inches per yard and around six stitches to the inch, I figure that is around 162,000 stitches.

I had to stop at the local button shop and buy another spool of thread.

Now the time has come to figure out a quilt pattern for the green border triangles.

I am tending toward a feather design. 
Someone suggested quilting on the flower print but looking it over it would be hard to figure out what part of that busy print to feature.

If I can find a section of design on the pickle fabric I might be able to make it into an enlarged quilt pattern. But that might be just a lot too busy and wouldn't show up enough on the print to make it worth my while. Well, I have to put some quilting in that area so may as well get started.

These beautiful flowers came from Norie and Leia for Mother's day.
Those pretty little blue flowers seem so happy in a symphony of pink.
On days like this I wish I had a lovely tokonoma to display them in.

Yesterday I went off to a quilt show at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi. No pictures were allowed but it was a very inspiring show.

I had received some free tickets but had no friends to go with.
As it happened, while I was trying to figure out how to get from the train station a ways off, I met another older woman doing the same ... both of us having taken advantage of the "senior pass" that brought us to a less convenient station.

As we walked and talked and found our way, I asked her if she planned to attend the show. Yes, later she was going to meet a friend and go together. I was so happy the extra free tickets would not go to waste.  I am pleased to say I walked through the area of shops around the show area and resisted buying anything.
I already have enough fabric to last several lifetimes, I'm sure.


  1. Love the quilting - and the flowers are so wonderful.

  2. beautiful flowers x How wonderful to meet a fellow sewer AND be able to put the extra ticket to good use x I am off to a quilt show on Sunday ... and I just KNOW I will not be able to show the same resilience!! I KNOW some fabric will jump into my bag and come home with me!!.. but then I always need backing fabric xx lol x

  3. You have finished a spool already. Wow that's amazing. That's nice to bump into somebody with same interest.
    You may have enough fabric but you never have one you need ;)

  4. Beautiful stitching you're doing on those blocks and the flowers are gorgeous as well. How wonderful to run into someone who would enjoy the tickets with you.

  5. I am so glad you found a good use for those tickets, and so sad I was not able to join you this time.
    You got some beautiful flowers on Haha-no-hi.

  6. What a huge number of stitches. i had never worked it out that way!!
    Do you still have fingers?
    I am pleased you enjoyed the quilt show, and found someone for the spare ticket.