Friday, July 5, 2013

Adding color

Well, there is some small progress. Ryden's kanji has been added. It was not an easy task and I felt it might have been better to quilt it in or paint it on with a brush and quilt around it.

I have sewed four leaves in place and pinned on a few more. I am planning to quilt some leaves into the background as well. I'm not sure of the spacing as they look a bit too spread out. I think I will have to just go to bed and look at it again in the morning.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

I can't say I am a big fan of pink ... but this seems to be the time of year to celebrate pink blooms.

The last flower in a hanging pot. It waited until all the others were finished so it could get all the attention.

Another hanging pot has petunias.

My mother loved petunias, and in those days you had to pick off the sticky finished flowers to keep them blooming.
(And, that was my job).

These days there are wonderful varieties that bloom all summer with total neglect. I'm certain my mother would have had them in all the borders around the garden.

Here are a few that came up from some free seeds. This hanging pot is on the back wall.

The pink lilies are putting on a final show.

I think yellow will be the next to bloom.

And, though closer to red than pink, one small geranium flower.

This plant is five years in the same spot and blooms all year around. It did have a rather tough winter and  is just now getting it's act together. It shares the planter with a pink and white variety which is also taking a break.

The "rainy season" continues with a little shower here and there and tons of moisture hanging in the air. The downstairs is rather dark, even with the lights on and not the best for applique.

Yesterday I took my work up to my greenhouse on the roof. There was a nice breeze from time to time and the light was much better. If only that room didn't get so hot in mid-summer.  By evening it has cooled off some and not too bad for sleeping with one light cover.

I leave the owl to contemplate the flora. By now he may be totally confused finding leaf varieties that are not bamboo and come from all different places in Japan and the U.S.


  1. I like the leaves, they are spectacular in their autumnal colours and I think the spacing is OK. You don't want any flying in front of the owl, do you?
    You did a neat job of appliquéing the kanji characters; they are quite small and the characters not to easy. Well done!

  2. The leaves look nice the way you sewed them. I looks like the owl is sitting on a tree branch in the fall as leaves slowly fall around him. Beautiful flowers you photographed.

  3. I am not a fan of pink to wear.. however I love it in the garden xx LOVE your owl .. it has been fun to see it evolve xx

  4. Julie the owl is coming along nicely and I like the addition of the leaves. My flowers are a bit sparse now since even when it rains one day the next day's heat makes everything thirsty again! blessings, marlene

  5. I think the leaves are just right. The focus remains on the owl, and in reality, leaves only drop a few at time...unless they are in high wind or driving rain. If that were so, the owl would not be sitting in such an exposed place. ...sorry, I get carried away with the stories in a work! But a lot of time it is because of the story that a piece will look right or not, the eye registers things that may not be able to be put into words.
    But I do think the extra bit of colour helps to brighten the piece and balances the brighter yellow sections on the owl.
    Sandy in the UK

  6. I don't have any suggestions because he's beautiful!! :D:D

  7. I think your owl is looking fine. The colours in the leaves are lovely and are not crowding the owl in any way.
    It is always lovely to see beautiful flowers, regardless of colour. I do not have a green thumb and will happily accept anything that will grow and flower in my garden.

  8. Awesome Mom! Ryden's one lucky guy!