Thursday, July 18, 2013

In the hoop!

My rule #1, If it works, it is the right way.

Since my schedule is tight, I really need to keep this going if I am going to take it to Oregon finished.

In the old days, there was a problem with batting shifting and the need for rather close stitching.

I think the "Thinsulate" batting I have used is really intended for use in clothing and I have never seen evidence of it shifting or pilling no matter how often it is washed.

The owl is a combination of two inch squares and half squares so I used a variety of in-the-ditch quilting. No matter how carefully I ironed and placed the batting, there were still some seams that flipped over. As much as possible, I use a sweep of the needle to right the direction but there are a few that just had to be quilted as they were.

After quilting the owl, I quilted the kanji for Ryden's name, and starting there, have quilted all the appliqued leaves up the right side and am moving down the left.

There will remain several large areas at least six inches across that will need some quilting. My plan is to quilt in leaves. Most likely I will use large compound leaves over the tree branch and behind some of the other leaves.

So far I have used white thread and am toying with the idea of quilting those leaves in fall colors. I still have time to decide and I know white will show up just as well.

Mr owl is relaxing on the sofa, waiting for me to get back to work.

It is a very hot humid day ... not ideal quilting weather ... and more of the same is in the offing. Seven more leaves to quilt and then I will move on to the next problem.

I still am thinking about how I am going to quilt the borders.

In my flower bed, the last of the lilies has begun to bloom.

The garden shop has a "point card" that gets stamped when you purchase something. That is common at many stores in Japan.
(the fabric store gives a discount to card holders, the pet store gives extra points on two days a month ... "1 1 or Wan wan day" (that is what dogs say when they bark) and "2 2 day Nya nya day" (cat language) and those points can be used to purchase something when they reach a certain amount.

The garden shop points have to be used within a certain time limit or they are lost. One October I was buying potting soil or some such thing and my card was filled up. Having lost the credit on an earlier card, I looked around as I was leaving and happened to see a rack with packs of lily bulbs.
I decided then and there to buy five bulbs while I had the chance as a birthday present to myself.

Those bulbs have been giving me pleasure ever since. They have an order of appearance and this purple one is always the last to bloom. It only has a few blooms but it makes up for that in sheer beauty. They don't mind the heat. They thrive on neglect. Who could ask for a better present ... even if I had to buy them for myself1


  1. Love your owl quilt. Thanks for sharing your progress. The leaves look lovely! Are you hand quilting this whole quilt???


  2. That owl quilt is really coming along fast. The leaves and the way you're quilting are so pretty. Gorgeous lillies. It's so hot in Texas right now and, living in the desert, it is really dry air so not much is blooming right now, just a few roses struggling to survive. We finally got a little rain last night, though, so everything looks cheerful today :)

  3. hope the humidity drops soon so that Rydens quilt can be done in time x your lillies are beautiful x

  4. The owl quilt gets cuter every day. Such a labor of love in that heat.

    And the lily is fabulous.

  5. Such a fine handquilting, Julie! And those leaves have such beautiful shapes, just as if they're real! I can understand how uncomfortable it can feel to be quilting under such hot weather, but the result is worth it : a true labor of LOVE. Keep going, dear !

    Aaah, lilies, these are among my favourite flowers, and I'm so happy that my grand daughter's name is LILY ;>) ... Now if I could have a little "Rose", some day, that would be perfect. Who knows? HeeHee...


  6. The lily is beautiful! And I LOVE Mr. Owl - but you already know that - ;)) As far as quilting the border goes - I would make another rule - "If it's fast, it's the right way." Maybe two or three straight lines down the middle of each side would work - ;))

  7. Your quilting is impeccable as always, and I am especially impressed with the kanji!
    Quilting leaves in autumn colours sounds good for the empty space.
    Great usage of the accumulated points to get lily bulbs. They have given you so much joy.
    Keep up the good work in the heat!

  8. I love your quilting on the quilt. I can't wait to see how you do the background.

    The lily is quite lovely. It reminds me of a Mother's Day arrangement I received from one of my sons one year. It was an all lily bouquet and quite lovely however we determined there was such a thing as too much of a good thing. The scent was so overwhelming that I had to give it up days before they died.

  9. I just love seeing your Owl progress - he is so handsome and the leaves are just the thing. Sorry about the heat and humidity though!

  10. This owl is looking lovelier by the day. The leaves look great!

  11. I just love that owl...there is an owl that lives on the other side of the lake from us and often I get to hear him calling. blessings, marlene

  12. That lily is lovely. I love flowers, but, I just don't get gardening. Plants seldom like me. The owl gets better each time I see it.

  13. I do like the combination of browns and the blue and you've given me an idea for a future quilt. Thank you. Mary

  14. The owl quilt is looking great! I love the colors! You are planning a trip to Oregon? Safe travels!

  15. The quilting on your owl quilt is just gorgeous. That is one blessed little boy!