Saturday, July 13, 2013

backing for Mr. Owl

After finishing the applique, I spread the owl quilt on the double bed in the loft. There really is no place in this house I can spread it out and I wanted to chose some tenugui for the backing.

Even though this quilt is intended for a single bed, I couldn't lay it our all flat.

The room is up under the roof so it is not a place to stand up and take pictures.

I dug through the collection of zodiac animals and pulled out one with all 12 animals and then one of each.

Now I am still sewing them together and I hope the size will be at least as big as the top so I don't have to add borders.  It was a bit difficult to judge with everything draped on the bed.

I have no idea where I can do the basting. I may have to go begging at the rice store again or possibly drag it ti church on Sunday and see if I can find an empty room in the afternoon.
Oh, how I wish there was floor space here without moving all the furniture out of the room (to say nothing of the dog hair)

The days here are very hot and humid.  While sitting and sewing, it felt like a waterfall was running down my back. I can't even guess how many gallons of water I have swallowed each day and it feels more like I have been swimming in it. The thought of sitting and quilting with a nice snugly quilt on my lap does not have much appeal. However, it is my own fault for not having begun sooner.

And here is the little guy, waiting patiently for his quilt.

Well, if it is this hot there, he will probably be glad to wait!


  1. That is great backing for the quilt! Ryden can learn a lot about his own sign and those of the people around him.
    A for basting space, that IS a problem in small cramped Japanese homes. e in church you can find a room with a large table? Then you don't need to break your back.
    As for the heat, what can I say but I am so glad I am out of it and sorry for you who are not - yet.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. He's so tiny! My first was almost double that weight (minus 4 oz). A special quilt for a special little guy. Maybe Nikko will fan you with his tail while you quilt. Come on Nikko, help out.

  3. He's such a little doll Julie! I'm sure he will love his quilt whenever he gets it. We've had such hot weather that my vegetable garden has quit producing. But thankfully this morning I'm sitting on my deck in blessed coolness. I know it won't last but it's here now and I'm enjoying it. Blessings, Marlene

  4. what a tiny cute baby! bet the owl quilt will be appreciated.

  5. Oh what a sweet, tiny little guy. He will have wonderful memories of this quilt for years to come.

    Our weather has cooled down quite a bit - highs about 70 and lows in the high 50s - so we have to sit with a quilt on our laps if we are to enjoy the deck in the evening - and me without a quilt to do hand quilting - would serve two purposes - get the quilt done, and keep me warm.

  6. I love all the little touches you added to the owl piece, really wonderful design and fabrics.
    The grand baby is so sweet, they do bring joy to our lives.


  7. Your little guy is so sweet. How fun to have grandsons almost the same age! I love the owl quilt you're making for him!

  8. such a cuuute little angel ! Welcome to the world, baby ;>)
    Heartful congratulations to the whole family!

  9. Good luck with the backing. I hope you can work out a good spot to do the basting.