Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming up with a plan

The owl quilt is making slow progress.

First, I decided to add the binding so that when I get as much done ... even while travelling ... as I can, it will be suitable to pass to my grandson.

I thought long and hard about quilting in the 6-inch border. I doubt a cable would not show up in the bamboo and would be difficult to mark. Instead, I decided that I will quilt the fabric design along some of the bamboo and leaves.

Along some of the edges, I quilted bamboo leaves into the sky area.

I will probably add more to some of the areas that need filling.

some of the open areas got quilted leaves

It is a bit hard to see but there are leaves over the tree branch too. I used colored thread for quilted leaves and white for the bamboo leaves.

Here is a view of the tenugui on the back.

I have decided while I am at the family reunion, I will have all the relatives sign their names on their animal.

Leia was the first to add her name yesterday.

She had her choice of lots of mice.

Her Papa added a note to his signature.

I think this will be a lot of fun and I hope I will have enough time to put in enough quilting.

As I quilted today, the house was shaking as the wreckers worked on the neighbor's house. I remember when the path between us was un-paved and one could feel the drunk husbands staggering past in the late evening, by the shaking of the ground. With a strip of asphalt o top it has been some time since the house shook other than real earthquakes.

8:am to 5:pm ... loud crashing and shaking. I rather imagine it is going to take several more days before the job is done.

The view around noon from our gate.

The truck getting loaded up.

Measuring takes place every day.

I wonder what they are planning .......
Time will tell.

The neighbor to the north came out and cleaned out his little hole. See it right below our potted Bay leaf tree?

With all the dirt being tossed around, it was filled again by evening.
I am hoping that this neighbor will be the key to keeping construction within the zoning laws ... however, you can see the apartment building to his north-west side. Fifty years ago, that was a field with a huge weeping willow in the middle. My now gone neighbor used to go in every winter and cut off all the hanging branches. I was surprised because those long willow branches were so graceful and swayed with the slightest breeze, making you feel cool on the hottest of days. When I asked her why she cut them all off, she claimed they looked like ghosts. Maybe she was glad to see the apartment take its place. At least the apartment owner allows me to park my bike there behind the light pole. One step forward and I hope there won't be too many steps back.


  1. the owl is just wonderful I have so enjoyed watching it grow x I know there has to be change or we stagnate .. but sometime stagnation is no bad thing ... better call it stability x

  2. That owl quilt is awesome. Your grandson will love it. I like the idea of having everyone sign it.

  3. I love the quilting you are doing and taking from the designs in the prints and appliqué.
    I also love the idea of having others sign it, he will treasure the quilt.


  4. The owl quilt is wonderful. Your leaves add so much to it. Love the idea of adding family names to the back.

  5. I love the care and planning you are doing with the owl, and the careful work you do - such a contrast of the ripping and tearing across the street. We could use more peaceful activities in our lives.

  6. Great ideas for the quilting design. I know you will always come up with a good solution while you are working. Having the zodiac backing signed by all family members is another good idea.
    My experience is that it will take about a week of tremors before the house is gone and the ground flattened.
    Your neighbour with the pot hole will have plenty to fuss about. You will certainly not be short of entertainment in the coming months!

  7. Your owl quilt just gets better and better. What a treasure for your little grandson! I am still hurting for you with all the noise and the mess and the uncertainty going on across from you.

  8. It is a very beautiful quilt, julie...

  9. The owl quilt is beautiful! I love your idea of family members signing their name to their animal sign on the back.

  10. The quilting is so thoughtful... And the tenegui backing is fabulous! What a treasure. You have seen so many changes over the years in your neighborhood. Knowing you, you will end up finding the positive;).

  11. Great idea to have the binding well out of the way, so now you can concentrate whatever time is left on the quilting. It is looking wonderful. Love the idea of getting everyone to sign the back.

  12. Hi Julie,

    The owl quilt is wonderful with the details of the leaves, the bamboo where she is perching on. The colors matches with the whole scene. It is perfect!! The signs are a great memories for ever to be remembered when the kids are grow up.

    Hope you are okay hun........Hugs

  13. The owl is wonderful. I'm sure you will get it sufficiently quilted. Love the idea of the signatures! I can't imagine what it is like to live so close to neighbours...

  14. Care to share the pattern for this beautiful quilt?